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Posted by Valdemar Santos on Sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015
"We believe in each other"
We trust and respect each other.
We speak openly and honestly with each other.
We honour our obligations.
We act the way we speak.
Team work
"We believe we are a team."
Give priority to work as a group.
Make our collaborators and suppliers into part of the team.
Recognize that the pride and team spirit are important for success.
Respect and recognize that the interests of individuals must be integrated.
Innovation and continuous improvement
"We believe that change creates opportunities."
To search for success by courageous solutions, taking risks.
To encourage initiative and new ideas.
To search for continuous improvement in everything we do.
To eliminate all forms of waste.
We take pride in our organization and being an updated enterprise.
Client satisfaction
"We believe that our clients come first."
To foresee, understand and respond to the requirements and expectations of our clients.
To search perfection and quality in all we do.
To win and prosper
"We believe in growth and prosperity."
Continuous growth with annual improvements on market penetration.
To share our success.
To show social responsibility.

Our young team

Founded in 1997, the Real Estate valdana imobiliaria® is a family-oriented company. Our prime location in the center of Albufeira, makes us very popular for rentals, to live or to stay on holidays.

We make the management and administration of over 20 Condominiums, we are responsible for about 650 units, apartments, houses and shops, offering a complete and qualified service: Maintenance of gardens and pools, cleaning and response to all kinds of events.

We also have at your disposal the service

So, where you can choose and buy your home, we can take care of everything else; from the financing to the rest of the paperwork... including Deed´s, the Registration and payment of taxes.

True to our motto: To Know, Advise and Serve.

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