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  • o Si aún no eres nuestro coproprietario, lega a conocer el Plan de Gestión y Administración de Condominios completo da valdana imobiliária ® que hemos creado especialmente pensando en usted!
  • Ya es usted coproprietario, pero aún no ha presentado una solicitud?
    Haga clic en "Solicitud de Registro", introduzca la información solicitada y llegar a la dirección de correo electrónico, un nombre de usuario y una contraseña con la que tendrá acceso a información privilegiada acerca de su condominio - cómodamente, sin salir de casa.

Toda la información proporcionada es confidencial y no serán transmitidos a terceros.


valdana imobiliária® has only one plan to propose:

1.Consult us
Tell us what you require
When and where will the general meeting of your condominium take place.

We will be there to present our firm and a free budget.

After our plan is the one in which the only counteroffer we request for your confidence is the assurance that if you do not want to do anything?
we will do it for you and you do not need anymore plans!

Our Complete Plan for the Administration of the Condominium

The administration of the condominium

We carry out all tasks which the law requires of the administration of the condominium elected by the general assembly it is the managing partner of Valdana Imobiliária who will deal with this.


All cleaning required as agreed and approved in the quotation (budget).


Any that is foreseen and agreed on after the budget has been presented and approved.

Reception service

Any that is foreseen and agreed on after the budget has been presented and approved.

Repair management

Any building or apartment repair but this service is paid separately.

Let management

According to a commission to agree on at a certain time. Our real-estate is licensed by law- AMI nº 6930.

Conflict management

Between the condominium or others charge free.


About the building or others explanations charge free.

Note: All staff are specialized and legal people according to Social Security, have insurance, etc.

We have a professional capacity that has been accredited by the Administration and Management Condominium Course of Escola Superior de Actividades Imobiliárias. Therefore we praise ourselves to be professional and competent

This is an activity that needs a good juridical frame hence; we have professional civil responsibility insurance of 150.000.00 euros - Apólice nº 68305/9370. Our insurance company is Allianz Portugal S.A. - that will take action if something goes wrong.

We also have a good bonus in our working system - the Gecond. This system is the best computer system in the real-estate area. With this program you can access in the comfort of you home or work, all the information regarding your condominium. To do this you will need a password, via Internet.

Finally, and more importantly: people - we have an ethic written code and to which we do our best to accomplish it on a day-to-day basis. All our staff from the management of condominium, suppliers and staff belong to the same team. Our good work will reflectupon the condominiums that we proudly administrate  and where you can ask our references: Bella Vista Comercial, Bella Vista Ténis Clube, Edifício Vale de Pedras, Edifício Elimar, Edifício Palmeira, Edifício Edisul, Edifício Alves, Edifício Lote 6, Edifício Lote C4, Apartamentos Ouramar, Montejuntos Residence, Casas de Verão e Paraíso da Balaia.

To know, advice and serve.

Consult us.
Thank you

The Executive Director
Valdemar Santos

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